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January, 2018

  • 17 January

    Review: “The Commuter” Doesn’t Steer Too Far Off The Rails


    I’ve often cited director Jaume Collet-Serra as the director of the “better” Liam Neeson action films. He places Neeson in thrilling scenarios that are not exactly original, but still simmering with excitement. The Commuter is no different, maintaining Jaume’s ability never to surprise, but never bore. You’re not wrong if you thought this movie was just Jaume and Neeson’s previous …

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  • 14 January

    Box Office: ‘Star Wars’ Tops Box Office For Third Season In A Row

    Box Office

    It’s the holiday season which can only mean it’s a golden time for genre pictures to become end-of-the-year blockbusters. It used to be a host of different genre picture, but it’s pretty much Star Wars’ month now with the franchise now in a runaway mode of yearly hits. For the third year in a row, Star Wars continues to be …

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  • 14 January

    Box Office: The Holidays are ‘Just Getting Started’

    just getting started

    For the second weekend of December, the new blockbusters have backed off for that awkward dead zone between Thanksgiving and Star Wars: The Last Jedi. With two major comic book movies, two word-of-mouth indie comedies and a stellar Disney animated film on the menu, it’s not surprising that few studios would want to bring something new to this weekend. The …

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  • 14 January

    Review: “The Greatest Showman” is a Musical Most Mild


    A big mistake was made with The Greatest Showman in how the posters came billed with music by the lyricists of La La Land, last year’s musical Oscar-contender. The excellent use of jazz and classic Hollywood dance numbers gave La La Land a splash of original energy and wonder. By comparison, The Greatest Showman is a mere fizzle of that …

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  • 11 January

    Box office: Jumanji Knocks Star Wars From Top Spot

    rae star wars

    Here’s our box office wrap up for the weekend ending 1/7/18: The sci-fi juggernaut has finally been dethroned from its top spot at the box office. After three weeks of box office dominance, Star Wars: The Last Jedi was bumped down to #3 this weekend, bringing in $23 million. Despite being the first weekend of its decline, the eighth chapter …

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  • 10 January

    Review: The Draining Charm of ‘Insidious: The Last Key’

    insidous the final key featured PS

    When I last left Insidious with its third chapter, I noted how this horror series finally found its groove in Lin Shaye playing a kick-butt psychic Elise with her lovable ghost-hunting duo of Tucker (Angus Sampson) and Specs (Leigh Whannell) in tow. But The Last Key seems to settle in almost too comfortable with its characters. For a story that …

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December, 2017

  • 15 December

    Review: ‘The Darkest Hour’ Is Gary Oldman’s Brightest Performance

    the darkest hour.

    You do have to look twice at Winston Churchill in The Darkest Hour to believe that is Gary Oldman. Director Joe Wright gives us plenty of time to examine Oldman’s performance, drawing the camera so close to his face we can see the glint in his eyes. Though the film doesn’t feature anything else of such stellar qualities, it doesn’t …

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  • 12 December

    Review: ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Slowly Satisfies with Busy Space Opera

    the last jedi movie spoon

    There’s a lot to unload from The Last Jedi, the intensely-awaited continuance of the new Star Wars trilogy. I went in with the intent of making a list of the film’s primary plot points to avoid writing any crucial spoilers in my review. That list turned out to be longer than I thought, occupying two pages of my reporter’s notebook. …

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  • 7 December

    Review: ‘The Disaster Artist’ is a Genius and Silly Story of Bad Filmmaking


    If the midnight screenings at the local arthouse theaters are anything to go by, The Room is the 21st century’s Rocky Horror Picture Show. A week before the press screening for The Disaster Artist, there was a special theatrical showing of The Room that came with the note “Party Atmosphere.” If you’ve ever been to the screening of a cult …

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November, 2017

  • 19 November

    Movie Review: ‘Justice League’ Plays Its Superheroes Silly and Safe

    justice leage

    The coming of the Justice League isn’t quite the grand superhero ensemble event of the year, but it didn’t come with the same dreadful disappointment of Batman v. Superman. This is more like a Thanksgiving dinner of an awkward family struggling to make the gathering work. They quip, quibble, babble in cliches and never entirely gel as well as they …

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