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4th ‘Divergent’ Film Going Straight to Television Thanks to ‘Allegiant’s’ Dreadful Opening

A collective “yikes” is in order for the Divergent series. According to reports in the Hollywood trades, the fourth and final installment, Ascendant, will not be receiving a theatrical release. Instead, it will go direct to television.

Divergent MovieSpoon.com Shailene Woodley
This is one love story that isn’t working out.

It’s not uncommon for film series to decline in box office receipts as time goes on, but Divergent didn’t have a big enough financial gain to afford any declines for the later films. 2014’s Divergent opened with just $54.6 million while 2015’s Insurgent opened to $52.3 million. In comparison, the third and most recent film in the series, Allegiant, opened to $29 million this March.


Overall, the films’ box office receipts beyond opening weekends weren’t much better. Divergent earned $150.9 million, Insurgent pulled in $130.2 million and Allegiant has so far garnered $66.2 million.

The series draws inevitable comparisons to The Hunger Games, another young-adult novel-based film series featuring a strong female lead. Unfortunately, these comparisons only make Divergent look worse.

Divergent MovieSpoon.com Shailene Woodley
Katniss could kick what’s-her-face’s butt any day.

Though The Hunger Games‘ box office receipts also declined, they only went from $408 million to $281.7 million over the course of four films. There was even an uptick for the second movie in the series, which earned $424.7 million.

Read more to see what will happen to the main actors:

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