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9 Netflix Picks to Love This February – Including ‘Finding Dory!’

#1. Babe (February 1)

Netflix February Babe MovieSpoon.com

This talking pig picture written and produced by Mad Max creator George Miller is more entertaining than it has any right to possibly be. Based on the novel The Sheep-Pig, the titular pig finds himself on a farm of odd animal characters as he strives to be a pig that can herd sheep. It’s a concept that seems better suited for an animated film, but it works surprisingly well in live-action thanks to some Academy Award winning visual effects that sell the multitude of talking animals. Even James Cromwell in one of the few human roles as the farmer delivers an admirable performance. It didn’t win the Academy Award for Best Picture, but just being nominated is enough to agree with Cromwell’s acknowledgement of “That’ll do, Pig”.

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