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Angelina Jolie To Miss ‘Unbroken’ Premiere Due to Chicken Pox

This is a lot better than saying the dog ate your homework.

Angelina Jolie must feel like a kid again…in a bad way. While most of us got the chicken pox back in second grade, it looks like the Unbroken director has a come down with minor case of chicken pox.

Unfortunatly, that means she will miss the premiere of her recent directorial effort, Unbroken, which was written by Joel and Ethan Cohen.

Jolie issued a statement on YouTube (yes, you could see her itchy chicken pox all over her body) entitled “A Message From Universal Pictures About Angelina Jolie.”

I guess a doctor’s note wasn’t good enough…


“I just wanted to be clear and honest about why I would be missing the Unbroken events in the next few days, which is that I found out last night that I have chicken pox,” the 39-year-old director says in a video message. “So, I will be home itching and missing everyone and I can’t believe it because this film means so much to me. I just can’t believe it, but such is life. There it is. Send everyone my love and I hope everything goes well!”


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