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‘Assassin’s Creed’: Better Without Kanye?

What are the first words that come to mind when thinking about Kanye West? Usually things like arrogant, self-absorbed, in love with himself and a slew of far worse things.

Kanye West Assassin's Creed MovieSpoon.com
Don’t worry, Kanye. We still love you. (Not).

What about things like assassin, deadly, Spanish Inquisition, etcetera? Not really in the rapper’s wheelhouse.

Which is why many people were left scratching their heads after seeing the first trailer for the new Assassin’s Creed movie. Sure, the trailer was overall really exciting. But why is Kanye’s song “I Am God” playing in the background?

Kanye West Assassin's Creed MovieSpoon.com
Michael Fassbender wonders how Kanye got in his film.

Fans of the video game franchise on which the new movie is based were a bit dismayed over the choice of music, finding that it did a disservice to the source material.

One fan decided to do something about the weird match-up. He swapped out “I Am God” for something much more fitting: actual music from the video game franchise.

Check out the comparisons. First up, the Kanye trailer:


Though the Kanye version of the trailer undoubtedly has a “cool” factor that the studio may have been going for, it’s also a little jarring to have the juxtaposition of modern and old time periods.

Read more to hear the updated version:
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