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Watch: ‘Aloha’ — Hollywood A List In Why Not Hawaii

Aloha Movie Poster Bradly Cooper Emma Stone MovieSpoon

Aloha is Hollywood A-Listers all the way. Due out May 29, the film features Bradley Cooper in the lead role of Brian Gilcrest, a defense contractor who botched an earlier assignment, but now returns to Hawaii for the launch of a weapons satellite. However, the film concentrates on the back-story, which features Gilcrest trying to find closure with his old …

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Independence Day Sequel: Jeff Goldblum And The Aliens Return To Earth

jeff goldblum independance day feature movie spoon

All it takes is a photograph to light up the Internet, and the photo supplying the star power this week is one of actor Jeff Goldblum, looking every bit the accidental genius (a familiar role for him) in what will be the sequel to the 1996 blockbuster Independence Day. Director Roland Emmerich reportedly released the photograph of Goldbum reprising his …

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Pitch Perfect 2 Takes Mad Max: Fury Road For A Ride — What?

pitch perfect 2 mad pitch movie spoon

Who would have thought 10 adorable, harmonizing chicks could thrash Mad Max at the box office in their first weekend out of the gate? That would be: Not many. But, go figure. The second of the Pitch Perfect films, directed by the current Belle of Hollywood Elizabeth Banks, roared to a $69.2 million take at the box office, leaving Mad …

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‘Human Centipede 3’ Closes Out Trilogy With Over The Top Finale

human-centipede-3-poster-movie spoon

As any comedian knows, there’s a point in which disgusting becomes comical and, in reverse, comedy becomes so irresponsible that it becomes disgusting. In film this gets us quickly to Quentin Tarantino and others who understand that a misfired gun can really wreck havoc on the upholstery of your car and, not insignificantly, on the brains of the passenger in …

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