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‘Captain America: Civil War’ Nearing Billion Dollar Gross

No surprises, here: Captain America: Civil War had a highly successful second weekend at the box office.

Captain America: Civil War MovieSpoon.com
Way to go, team! You ruled the box office yet again.

Despite a nearly 60% drop from the previous weekend, the film pulled in about $73 million domestically this weekend. This places it in the top 10 for biggest second-weekends at the box office, just behind The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and above Iron Man 3.

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The best-performing movie in the second weekend remains unthreatened. Star Wars: The Force Awakens earned $149 million domestically.

Its Sunday receipts of $21 million alone made it the top performer at the box office this weekend. The Jungle Book came in second place, earning $17.8 million for the weekend.

In total, Civil War has earned $296 million domestically and $645 million overseas, which means it’s rapidly approaching a billion dollar gross.

Captain America: Civil War MovieSpoon.com
Good things happen (financially) when Tony Stark and Steve Rogers fight.

The film’s domestic gross has already outstripped the previous Captain America: The Winter Soldier by over $35 million.

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