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Weekly Box Office: Zootopia Holds Onto #1 In Domestic Theaters

Zootpopia movie poster

Zootopia held onto its perch at the top of the domestic and worldwide leader boards at the cinema over the weekend, helping nail down a one-two spot for the across the globe for the world of animation – specifically for production studios Disney and Fox. Zootopia in two weekends has brought in worldwide revenues of $431.3 million, according to movie …

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Deadpool Punches Its Way To February Box Office Records

new-deadpool-movie-stills-movie spoon

Well, word is out by now that Deadpool, featuring Ryan Reynolds, was expected to do well at the box office in its release weekend, but went ahead and smashed box office records, anyway. The irreverent and raunchy, action-packed film about a disfigured, bitter, but funny superhero clobbered the release record for a February weekend, pulling in $135 million over three …

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Box Office Blizzard: Leonardo and ‘The Revenant’ Snowball Star Wars To Lead Weekend Receipts

The Revenant

Leonardo DiCaprio vehicle The Revenant snowballed past Star Wars on its way into first place in domestic box office sales over the snowy winter weekend, taking in a cool $16 million, while notching $33.8 million in international sales. That topped $14.3 million on the home front netted by for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which took in $23.3 million in theaters outside …

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Box Office: The Revenant And DiCaprio Give Star Wars A Run For The Money

The Revenant

While Star Wars: The Force Awakens continues its historic run toward Box Office record-making (correction: record-clobbering), the media is turning its attention to a surprisingly strong showing from Leonardo DiCaprio vehicle The Revenant, which grossed $38 million in domestic theaters over the weekend. Impressively, Star Wars: The Force Awakens is still drawing huge numbers in its fourth weekend after release. …

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Star Wars Just Broke The $1 Billion Dollar Box Office Barrier In Record Time!

Star Wars Meme light saber

This is just in from Associated Press…”Star Wars: The Force Awakens” has just reached $1 billion at the box office, achieving the milestone in record-setting speed! The Walt Disney Co. said “The Force Awakens” crossed the billion-dollar mark Sunday, accomplishing the feat in just 12 days. The previous movie to reach $1 billion the fastest was Universal’s “Jurassic World,” which …

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Stallone Packs A Punch In ‘Creed’ And Nearly Breaks $100M At Box Office

Stallone Creed Feature Movie Spoon

Creed has grossed just under $100M following the Christmas holiday weekend.  Creed is about Adonis “Donnie” Johnson, played by Michael B. Jordan, a young fighter who gave up his surname, Creed, due to the resentment over his father’s death at a young age. Yes, Adonis is the son of Rocky Balboa’s nemesis in the first four pictures, including the 1976 …

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Star Wars: Fastest Movie to Rake In $300 million At North American Box Office

Force Awaken Holding Strong

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is breaking every record it can at the box office this week. The Hollywood Reporter writes that the film has pulled in north of $300 million in the five days since its debut in North America. That’s the fastest any movie has reached that milestone in cinema history, shattering the previous eight-day record set by …

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