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Box Office Hero: Tom Cruise Is Cruising With “MI: Rogue Nation”

tom cruise mssion impossible rogue nation poster movie spoon

Tom Cruise vehicle Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, burst out of the gate over its opening weekend, clobbering the competition in box off receipts, according to film statistic Web site Rentrak. The high-speed spy thriller was praised by critics and gobbled up by fans with theaters taking in $56 million in the domestic market and $121 million worldwide from Thursday through …

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Sandler, Ferrell, Have Mercy: Retire Soon

sandler ferell movie spoon

The first sign of a slow news day in Critics Corner is that movie reviewers have actually taken the the time to watch and then to write about the new Adam Sandler bomb, Pixels, which came out Thursday to whatever is the opposite of rave reviews. The list of complaints about the film are not quite endless – sexist, dull, …

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Melissa McCarthy’s ‘Spy’ On Top Of June 5-7 Sales – So, What’s Wrong With This Picture?

spy melissa m

Melissa McCarthy as the world’s most unlikely international spy did well over the weekend with her latest Paul Feig collaboration taking in $30 million over June 5-7. But the latest weekend numbers show that summer 2015 at the movies is off to a tepid start with the most notable disappointments George Clooney’s preachy sci-fi send up Tomorrowland, which is doing …

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Pitch Perfect 2 Takes Mad Max: Fury Road For A Ride — What?

pitch perfect 2 mad pitch movie spoon

Who would have thought 10 adorable, harmonizing chicks could thrash Mad Max at the box office in their first weekend out of the gate? That would be: Not many. But, go figure. The second of the Pitch Perfect films, directed by the current Belle of Hollywood Elizabeth Banks, roared to a $69.2 million take at the box office, leaving Mad …

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‘It Follows’ Screams Into Box Office

it_follows_feature movie spoon

According to Specialty Box Office, David Robert Mitchell‘s indie horror flick “It Follows” rode rave reviews to find the best per-theater-average of any 2015 release so far (“American Sniper” and “A Most Violent Year” both topped it, but they are both technically 2014 films). In four theaters, the RADiUS-TWC release — which premiered back in Cannes last May — managed …

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Digital Tracking Of ‘Chappie’ and ‘Unfinished Business’


This article first appeared in Variety. Does digital data offer indicators that can be used to monitor marketing effectiveness and predict box office success even before awareness turns into intent? Moviepilot – which studies social data and box office trends – analyzes this weekend’s new movies across Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Google (the methodology behind the numbers is laid out …

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Will Smith & ‘Focus’ Top Weekend Box Office (Top 10)


The Will Smith driven action flick ‘Focus‘ debuted at the top of the box office for the weekend ending March 1. The film racked in $18M in receipts on a budget of $50M. Here’s the list of the Top 10 Box Office films and their gross tickets for the weekend ending March 1. #1 Focus, $18.6M #2 Kingsman: The Secret Service, …

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‘Fifty Shades’ One Of Biggest R-Rated Debuts Ever


According to Box Office Mojo, The highly anticipated big-screen adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey scored one of the biggest R-rated debuts ever this weekend, while Kingsman: The Secret Service was strong in second place. Fifty Shades was even more impressive at the international box office, where it opened to a stunning $158 million. Playing at 3,646 theaters—the widest opening …

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‘American Sniper’ Grabs Top Box Spot; Sets January Record


“American Sniper” is nominated for six, count ’em six Academy Awards. But you don’t need to tell director Clint Eastwood. The gulf war drama is the top box office draw and garnered a record $90.2 million in box office receipts, a new January record, eclipsing the $68.5 record set by “Avatar.” The film is went into the weekend after the Thursday …

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‘Hunger Games’ Joins The Billion Dollar Franchise Club


The Hunger Games franchise has crossed the billion dollar mark. The third installment, Hunger Games: Mockingjay Pt 1, has climbed past the $1.2 billion in global box office receipts and joins the likes of Mission Impossible, Star Wars and Avatar. It’s seems like ‘The Games’, along with Jennifer Lawrence, are unstoppable. Lawrence even scored a Top 20 Billboard Hit with …

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