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Robert Downey Jr. Walks Off Set During Lame ‘Avengers’ Interview

robert downey jr walks off avengers interview movie spoon

Robert Downey Jr. Walks Off Set at about the 6:30 mark of interview with Krishnan Guru-Murphy. The seven interview started like most other press junket interviews: generic questions that had been answered a million times before like what it was like filming the sequel to 2012’s superhero blockbuster Iron Man. But about halfway through, the conversation takes a sharp turn, …

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Interview With ‘Hunger Games’ Jennifer Lawrence & Liam Hemsworth


Here’s a really great HeyUGuys interview with The Hunger Games: Mockingjay stars Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutherson and Liam Helmsworth. Lawrence talks about how much she hates singing and what it was like working with the late great  Philip Seymour Hoffman. For all you readers out there, Mockingjay the third novel in The Hunger Games trilogy: The Hunger Games, Catching Fire and Mockingjay. However, …

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Brad Pitt ‘Fury’ Interview on BBC Breakfest


Brad Pitt talks about the very real impact of war while promoting his new WWII drama Fury. He says the basic message of the film was not who’s “winning or losing” but that “war is hell” and that we need to do a better job at reintegrating our soldiers back into society. He also said that he loved filming in …

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‘Gone Girl’: David Fincher & Rosamund Pike Interview

Rosamund Pikes Gone Girl MovieSpoon

Here’s an eye opening look into the mind of Gone Girl director David Fincher (Fightclub). Rosamond Pike also give some great insight into her ‘Gone Girl’ character. The most shocking part of the interview is hearing Rosamond Parks’ very think English accent! Parks’s also talks about the challenges of portraying an American character which, in may ways, runs counter to English …

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