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James Franco & Seth Rogen Discuss ‘Bound 2’ Re-Make On Tonight Show


Here’s a great bit/interview from The Tonight Show with James Franco and Seth Rogen. The pair were originally going to talk about their latest movie The Interview but then discussion quickly turned to the re-making of ‘Bound 2‘, which they made while they were on the set of The Interview. Apparently, Rogen wanted to do a quick parody but then Franco became …

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Richard Linklater & Ellar Coltrane ‘Boyhood’ Interview


Here’s a really great interview with Richard Linklater (Slacker, School Of Rock) on making of his ground-breaking film Boyhood along with star Ellar Coltrane. Linklater talked about the challenges of shooting a movie about a young boy and how he came up with the idea of a 12-year film using all the same actors.   MovieSpoon.com

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Interview with Chris Pratt & ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Cast On Kimmel


Here’s big kid Chris Pratt in a hilarious interview with Jimmy Kimmel. He explains why he needed to supply his own sound effects when ‘shooting’ Guardians of the Galaxy, as the rest of the ‘Guardians’ cast looks on. It’s too bad we don’t have the full interview with the portion with Pratt is priceless. MovieSpoon.com

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The Hobbit: Martin Freeman & Peter Jackson Interview


Here’s a very revealing interview with Peter Jackson and Martin Freeman. Apparently, Jackson ONLY wanted Freeman for the role of Bilbo Baggins  in The Hobbit but Freeman had committed to doing Sherlock Holmes. Things miraculously worked out at the last minute and Freeman describes Jackson’s call to him “the best call of his life.” MovieSpoon.com

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