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14 Reasons Why Winter Soldier is the HOTTEST Marvel Man Alive!

Winter Soldier Bucky Barnes Hottest Marvel MovieSpoon.com

Everybody loves a bad boy. Especially one as simultaneously heartbreaking and badass as our favorite Captain America: Civil War character, Bucky Barnes, a.k.a. the Winter Soldier (played by Sebastian Stan). He’s got all the classic darkness that makes him an instant hit with the ladies–a tragic background, brooding nature and an ability to kick some serious butt while his fantastic hair blows in …

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16 of Jared Leto’s WEIRDEST Hairstyles So Far–#10 is Priceless

Jared Leto's Weirdest Hairstyles MovieSpoon.com

If there’s anyone who could be a mascot for extreme makeovers, it’s Jared Leto. But even with Jared Leto’s weirdest hairstyles, the actor/Thirty Seconds to Mars frontman somehow makes every ‘do a “do.” The odd thing is that the photos we’ve collected span over 20 years, but Leto’s face looks pretty much exactly the same in every picture. He. Does. Not. …

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Netflix’s 10 Best September Releases: You CAN’T Miss #6

Netflix September MovieSpoon.com

The kids are headed back to school, summer’s warmth will soon depart and the tent-pole blockbusters will begin to leave the cinema until the holidays roll around. Thank goodness there’s Netflix to ward off the doldrums of a month where nothing much fun seems to happen. So finish up your homework and fill up your queue with these 10 Netflix …

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Top 10 Highest Paid Actresses of 2016 – You’ll Never Guess Who #4 Was!

Highest Paid Actresses Jennifer Lawrence MovieSpoon.com

The richest women in Hollywood are some of the most beautiful and talented actresses around. However, as projects and trends come and go, different leading ladies rise to the top of the financial food chain to become the Highest Paid Actresses of the year. Forbes’ list of Highest Paid Actresses of 2016 was just released, and needless to say, there …

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7 Astonishing Alicia Vikander Movies PLUS 3 More We Can’t Wait to See

Alicia Vikander Movies MovieSpoon.com

Despite winning an Oscar last year for The Danish Girl, all these amazing Alicia Vikander movies kind of snuck up on us. Hailing from Sweden, she seamlessly transitioned into the U.S. film scene. Now she’s shown that she can not only handle heavy, romantic period pieces, she can also be a bad-ass babe when she wants to be. Her summer appearance in Jason Bourne got …

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Top 5 Reasons Tom Hiddleston Would Absolutely FAIL at Playing James Bond

Tom Hiddleston James Bond MovieSpoon.com

We’ve already examined the pros of why Tom Hiddleston should be the next James Bond, but unfortunately, he’s got some cons piling up against him as well. The British actor has been one of the favorites to take over for Daniel Craig thanks to his role in The Night Manager, but that doesn’t make him a for-sure winner. He’s been criticized …

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Top 5 Reasons Tom Hiddleston NEEDS To Be James Bond–He’s Got It All!

Tom Hiddleston James Bond MovieSpoon.com

His relationship with Taylor Swift has put him higher up on the American map, but British actor Tom Hiddleston has been building a considerable fanbase before he ever got involved with the pop star, and his reputation may help him land the role of James Bond. Rumors have been circulating that he’s one of the leading choices to take over …

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