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All 30 DC Comics Movies Ranked from Best to Worst – What’s Your Favorite?

Movies based on popular DC Comics have faced some stiff competition at the box office from the Marvel cinematic universe. However, like Marvel, DC has a long tradition of comic book superheroes  and they’ve made some incredible movies like Batman V Superman and The Dark Knight, in addition to their share of box office bombs. Check out our list of all 30 DC …

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10 Crazy Netflix Titles Coming in October (And They’re NOT All Halloween Horror)

Netflix October Flash MovieSpoon.com

Netflix may not have as many new horror pictures to offer their viewers this October, but there are certainly plenty of treats to be had. This month’s Netflix releases features some original movies from a Christopher Guest mockumentary to a Werner Herzog documentary. And while recent films are a little light this month, there are some notable classics including a Sergio Leone …

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The 29 Steamiest Bikini Movie Moments of All Time – #23 is a Shocker!

What’s our favorite article of clothing? Bikinis, of course! They’re perfect for hot weather, they’re great for pool days and–oh yeah–they look pretty darn sexy, especially in the steamiest bikini movie moments of all time. Some of our favorite movie moments have revolved around the tiniest of swimsuits, so we’ve compiled a list of the hottest babes on the big …

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Guillermo del Toro’s 15 Most Haunting Artworks at LACMA—Monsters Galore!

Guillermo del Toro Exhibit LACMA MovieSpoon.com

Fans of filmmaker Guillermo del Toro know all about his mythical Bleak House, the home he keeps stocked full of artworks that fuel his fantastical imagination. Located in the suburbs of Los Angeles, del Toro has carefully crafted his collection to serve as inspiration for his dark, often gothic, films. Movies like Pan’s Labyrinth, Hellboy, Cronos, Pacific Rim and Crimson Peak are just …

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14 Reasons Why Winter Soldier is the HOTTEST Marvel Man Alive!

Winter Soldier Bucky Barnes Hottest Marvel MovieSpoon.com

Everybody loves a bad boy. Especially one as simultaneously heartbreaking and badass as our favorite Captain America: Civil War character, Bucky Barnes, a.k.a. the Winter Soldier (played by Sebastian Stan). He’s got all the classic darkness that makes him an instant hit with the ladies–a tragic background, brooding nature and an ability to kick some serious butt while his fantastic hair blows in …

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16 of Jared Leto’s WEIRDEST Hairstyles So Far–#10 is Priceless

Jared Leto's Weirdest Hairstyles MovieSpoon.com

If there’s anyone who could be a mascot for extreme makeovers, it’s Jared Leto. But even with Jared Leto’s weirdest hairstyles, the actor/Thirty Seconds to Mars frontman somehow makes every ‘do a “do.” The odd thing is that the photos we’ve collected span over 20 years, but Leto’s face looks pretty much exactly the same in every picture. He. Does. Not. …

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Netflix’s 10 Best September Releases: You CAN’T Miss #6

Netflix September MovieSpoon.com

The kids are headed back to school, summer’s warmth will soon depart and the tent-pole blockbusters will begin to leave the cinema until the holidays roll around. Thank goodness there’s Netflix to ward off the doldrums of a month where nothing much fun seems to happen. So finish up your homework and fill up your queue with these 10 Netflix …

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