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Stan Lee Did WHAT During Cameo Filming? James Gunn Spills on the Shoot

Stan Lee James Gunn MovieSpoon.com

We already knew that Stan Lee had filmed a bunch of cameos in a row for the upcoming Marvel movies on the schedule, but we had no idea the Marvel mogul had such a wild time shooting them. Director James Gunn, who directed three of the cameos, shared some behind-the-scenes news about the filming process on Facebook. “It was definitely …

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‘Doctor Strange’ Opens to Marvelous $87.7M Overseas

Marvel Doctor Strange MovieSpoon.com

We’re still a few days away from the U.S. release of Doctor Strange, but it’s already making quite an impact overseas. It just launched last weekend in 33 different offshore markets, and the new Marvel superhero flick already earned $87.7 million. The film pulled in the most money in Korea, where it earned $18.1 million. Though analysts were expecting it …

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The 8 Best Vampire Movies to Sink Your Teeth into This Halloween


One of the creepiest creatures to haunt our Halloweens are those bloodthirsty immortals known as vampires. They stalk through the night, they have the ability to transform into bats, they can seduce victims with their beauty and, of course, they can drain the blood of their prey through a single bite. Obviously, this makes vampires pretty much a perfect match for …

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16 Sultry Movie Vampires That Will Make You BEG for Immortality

Movie Vampires MovieSpoon.com

When it comes to sexy monsters, vampires are the clear winners. Seriously, who can possibly think werewolves are remotely close to being as enticing as vampires are? It’s in a vampire’s very nature to be seductive, using their charms to win over victims. And by “win over,” we mean “suck the life out of.” They’ve got those pointy fangs for …

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7 Netflix Titles to be Thankful for This November

The Jungle Book Netflix MovieSpoon.com

It’s almost November, a month to be thankful for what we have. I don’t think I’m alone here in being thankful for the streaming revolution spawned from Netflix. And there’s plenty to be thankful for this month with an original UK drama, a Coen comedy classic and some surprisingly satisfying CGI-animal pictures to enjoy with the family. Take a look …

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‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Wraps This Week, Taika Waititi Flips Off Thor & Loki

Thor: Ragnarok Wraps MovieSpoon.com

And that’s a wrap on Thor: Ragnarok! Well, almost. According to director Taika Waititi, they are scheduled to wrap this week. Thor: Ragnarok started shooting in early July in Australia, and aside from a few stray photos from set, they’ve managed to keep the production pretty under wraps. However, some photos have been snapped of the actors offset, and Thor …

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‘Sausage Party’ Wants to Be an Oscar Contender…Seriously

Sausage Party Oscars MovieSpoon.com

Is it time for the Academy to change up which films they give those coveted Oscars to? There’s been lots of discussions about diversity needing to be more prevalent during awards season, but now Sony is shooting for some comedy inclusivity by putting Sausage Party in the running. Yep, that animated movie about food having existential crises over getting eaten (and in …

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Which 3 Marvel Heroes Would Stan Lee Have Dinner With?

Stan Lee Dinner MovieSpoon.com

We’ve all played that classic dinner party game of asking, “If you could have dinner with any fictional character, who would you pick?” Well, what if you just so happened to be someone like Stan Lee, who just so happens to have created a bunch of fictional characters? Stan Lee is one of the founding fathers of Marvel Comics, responsible …

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