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Who Ya Gonna Call? Sizing Up Ghostbusters’ Directors Paul Feig & Harold Ramis

Ghost_Busters_Movie Spoon

From the world of comedy, director Paul Feig is a decidedly hot commodity these days. He has scored successes with his last three films, Bridesmaids (2011), The Heat (2013) and Spy (2015) with all three blockbusters banking heavily on women in the lead, especially, you could say, of the big-splash arrival of one-woman franchise  Melisa McCarthy. Feig’s next big screen …

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Comi-Con 2015: May The ‘Hall H’ Audience Be With You!

comic con hall h movie spoon

The major buzz at Comi-Con 2015 was focused on the auditorium known as Hall H, which has become an iconic launching pad for the next run of Sci-Fi films waiting for commercial release. This year at Hall H, a panel discussions included cast members from X-Men: Apocalypse and Fantastic Four and where Ryan Reynolds made as surprise appearance to plug …

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Watch: Jennifer Lawrence Belts Out Cher’s ‘Believe’ On Conan O’Brian

jennifer_lawrence_conan_movie spoon

  Self-professed tomboy Jennifer Lawrence has proven herself once again to be the master of the anti-climax, simply because she refuses to be ambushed by her own fame. Her No. 1 goal in life — aside from acting well and establishing mutually beneficial relationships and all of that – appears to be not letting fame derail her otherwise upbeat, girl-next-door …

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Ben Affleck Vs Henry Cavill (Batman Vs. Superman) To Make Comic-Con Appearance!

ben affleck batman movie spoon

Big stars headed to the 2015 Comic-Con International in San Diego this year include would-be Super-Heroes, Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill, who star in the upcoming Warner Bros. Pictures release of “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.” At the convention’s Hall H on Saturday July 11, starting at 10:30 a.m., those in attendance will be treated to appearances by Affleck and …

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Clint Eastwood Casts Tom Hanks In ‘Captain Sully’ Biopic

Tom-Hanks-to-play-Captain-Sully Movie Spoon

Let’s just go way out on a wing here – the wing of an Airbus 320 that safely lands in the Hudson River in January 2009, making the pilot Chelsey Sullenberger an instant media hero – and say that Tom Hanks taking the roll of Captain “Sully” in the Clint Eastwood biopic about the fabled flight is too predictable for …

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‘5-25-77’ Is About A Kid Bitten By Star Wars

5-25-77 MovieSpoon

It is safe to say that the first Star Wars film changed the course of the film industry in the United States. With a spare budget, a cowboys and Indians script and some novel comedic touches, suddenly all things from far, far away galaxies were all the rave. Especially if you happen to be Patrick Read Johnson. For Johnson, a …

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Hungry ‘Jurassic’ Dinos Are Stomping Box Office With New A-Lister Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt Hooked On A Dino Feeling

  Movie news for the weekend of June 13-14 is all about Jurassic World exceeding all expectations at the box office and the possibility that Chris Pratt has really arrived as an A-list movie star, despite his relatively short resume. Be forewarned. The answer to every question posed in this article is “Yes!” with one explanation point otherwise noted. For …

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Melissa McCarthy’s ‘Spy’ On Top Of June 5-7 Sales – So, What’s Wrong With This Picture?

spy melissa m

Melissa McCarthy as the world’s most unlikely international spy did well over the weekend with her latest Paul Feig collaboration taking in $30 million over June 5-7. But the latest weekend numbers show that summer 2015 at the movies is off to a tepid start with the most notable disappointments George Clooney’s preachy sci-fi send up Tomorrowland, which is doing …

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