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Fist Fight Movie Review MovieSpoon.com

Movie Review: ‘Fist Fight’ Throws More Punches than Laughs

Does Fist Fight land many punches in the humor department? Read our movie review to find out: Charlie Day’s character begins his class by stating that words are important, but Fist Fight will aim to prove him wrong. Every character stammers in typical comedic fashion where the loudest, grossest, rudest and most offensive language wins. By the end of the movie, he’ll be …

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Logan Movie Review MovieSpoon.com

Movie Review: ‘Logan’ is a Bold, Bloody, Badass Finale

Is Wolverine’s final stand an incredible conclusion to his story? Read our movie review of Logan to find out: Hugh Jackman has been playing the iconic role of Logan “Wolverine” Howlett for 17 years. But in Logan he dons the claws one last time in a movie that presents a much different version of the X-Men character, in a movie without the title of …

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The Space Between Us Movie Review MovieSpoon.com

Movie Review: Sci-Fi Sappiness in ‘The Space Between Us’

Read on for our movie review of The Space Between Us: A female astronaut discovers she is pregnant during a spaceflight to a Mars colony in The Space Between Us, birthing the baby when she finally arrives. This is an amazing event of untold discoveries; the first baby that traveled through space in the womb and the first human born …

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Rings Movie Review MovieSpoon.com

Movie Review: The Circular and Comatose Scares of ‘Rings’

Rings brings Samara into the digital age–do the scares go viral? Read our movie review to find out: The scary tape is back and the rules haven’t changed. If you watch the VHS tape of spooky images in Rings, you’ll be killed by the wet and barefoot girl Samara in seven days (as specified in a following telephone call). But who …

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Split Movie Review MovieSpoon.com

Movie Review: ‘Split’ Is Full of Creepy & Ridiculous Surprises

Is Split a terrifying look at multiple personalities or totally divisive? Read our movie review to find out: M. Night Shyamalan has become a rather predictable director for his constant use of twists to resolve his pictures that it’s become a bit of a game to spot the twist before the end credits. But I guarantee nothing can prepare you for the …

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Live by Night Movie Review MovieSpoon.com

Movie Review: ‘Live by Night’ is a Ben Affleck Snoozer

Ben Affleck’s newest flick is less than impressive. Read our movie review of Live by Night to find out why the movie flopped: Ben Affleck looks good in a suit and fedora, but he seems rather stiff in the role of 1920s gangster Joe Coughlin in Live by Night. His expression is constantly mute, but not with some cold-hearted approach to violence. …

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Hidden Figures Movie Review MovieSpoon.com

Movie Review: ‘Hidden Figures’ Boasts Bright Women of Untold Material

Hidden Figures is packed with uplifting messages and inspiration. Read our movie review to find out why: Hidden Figures exists as a staple of classroom pictures about three smart black women who became an essential asset of NASA during the crucial space race. It’s an important story of history, race, gender and science all rolled up into one pleasingly progressive and …

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