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Doctor Strange Movie Review MovieSpoon.com

Movie Review: ‘Doctor Strange’ Casts a Fresher Spell on Marvel Origins

How does Doctor Strange (and the infamous Benedict Cumberbatch!) fare against the other popular Marvel movies? Find out by reading our movie review: Doctor Strange doesn’t just add magic to the ever-expanding Marvel Universe, but opens a massive can of multidimensional worms. Magic may not appear to be that much of a stretch as an addition to a hero world already populated …

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Jack Reacher: Never Go Back Movie Review MovieSpoon.com

Movie Review: ‘Jack Reacher: Never Go Back’ Never Surprises

Is Jack Reacher: Never Go Back a worthwhile sequel for Tom Cruise? Read our movie review to find out: Jack Reacher falls into the all-too-familiar category of action heroes that telegraph everything they do. When we first meet Reacher, reprised by Tom Cruise, in Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, he’s placed under arrest for beating up two men. Reacher informs the cocky cop that …

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The Accountant Movie Review MovieSpoon.com

Movie Review: ‘The Accountant’ Adds Few Smarts to Ben Affleck Action

Ben Affleck’s got a dark secret…Read our movie review of The Accountant to get the news on his latest action pic: Ben Affleck’s gun-toting protagonist of The Accountant is Christian Wolff, a man afflicted with Asperger’s Syndrome. As someone with Asperger’s Syndrome, I’d like to clear up some misconceptions that may be taken away from this performance. Asperger’s comes in varying degrees that …

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The Birth of a Nation Movie Review MovieSpoon.com

Movie Review: ‘Birth of a Nation’ Shouts with Shock and Cliché

Is The Birth of a Nation the influential film it aims to be? Read our movie review to find out: There are few times when I find myself uneasily frustrated with a movie such as The Birth of a Nation on so many levels. For every quintessential moment of disturbing racism from America’s slavery era, there’s a disappointing cliché where the …

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Storks Movie Review MovieSpoon.com

Movie Review: ‘Storks’ Delivers More Than Expected

Storks may center on a baby-making factory, but is it as silly as it sounds? Read our movie review for all the hilarious details: Storks exists in a cartoon universe where babies come from the sky and are delivered by the titular birds. But the human race seems to have gone back to making babies the old fashioned way when the …

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Blair Witch Movie Review MovieSpoon.com

Movie Review: ‘Blair Witch’ Should Remain Lost in the Woods

Can Blair Witch capture the subtle terror of it’s predecessor? Read our movie review to find out: How soon do we forget what made movies great? Most everyone from 1999 remembers the cultural phenomenon of The Blair Witch Project as a film that was admirable for being cheap and scary for feeling real. Whereas other found footage movies merely attempt to stage …

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The Wild Life Movie Review MovieSpoon.com

Movie Review: ‘The Wild Life’ Needs to be Tamed

Is The Wild Life a fun adventure or totally played out? Read on for the movie review: The Wild Life is a movie that seems to be at odds with itself, struggling to decide between an enduring tale of survival and a standard talking CGI animal movie with slapstick. It’s as if the filmmakers were so worried that the adventures of Robinson …

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Sully Movie Review MovieSpoon.com

Movie Review: ‘Sully’ Lifts Off with Drama Both Subtle and Intense

Where does Sully stand among Clint Eastwood’s other films? Find out by reading this movie review: When Clint Eastwood directed American Sniper, he attempted to dig deep into the psyche of sniper Chris Kyle and let us in on his motivations as a soldier. He doesn’t exactly provide the same treatment in Sully for the story of Chesley Sullenberger, the famed pilot who …

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