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Zootopia Ginnifer Goodwin Judy Hopps Jason Bateman

Review: ‘Zootopia’ is More Than Just Fluff

It’s rare to see a modern animated film have strong allegories, but also a fantastical world to wrap them within. Zootopia deals with topics such as racism, sexism, prejudice and stereotypes, but only as bluntly as they should appear in a world of anthropomorphic animals. It’s probably not something you’d expect from the Walt Disney Studios that tends to favor the …

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Gods of Egypt Sphinx

Review: The Gods Must Be Silly in ‘Gods of Egypt’

During a season of movies that are so painfully awful, Gods of Egypt comes as a refreshing movie…in that it was SO bad that it was good. With its abundance of cheap computer graphics, silly dialogue and a notable cast, there’s a self-aware nature that make this farce deliciously goofy. It’s almost goofy enough to recommend, if only it weren’t so long …

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Deadpool Colossus Megatronic Feature MovieSpoon

DeadPool Cuts Through A Crowded Field Of 2016 Superhero Movies

2016 is looking to be a crowded year for superhero movies with the inclusion of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Captain America: Civil War and X-Men: Apocalypse among others. I’m positive they’ll all be at the very least decent action romps, but only about as much they’ve ever been in their respective franchises. With all these films sticking close …

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