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Deadpool Punches Its Way To February Box Office Records

Well, word is out by now that Deadpool, featuring Ryan Reynolds, was expected to do well at the box office in its release weekend, but went ahead and smashed box office records, anyway.

The irreverent and raunchy, action-packed film about a disfigured, bitter, but funny superhero clobbered the release record for a February weekend, pulling in $135 million over three days, then rolling along to net $150 million box office during the four-day Presidents Day holiday. Safe to say, the film pulled Ryan Reynold’s career out of the gutter, but it also may have changed the face of superhero movies for all time, given its foray into the seedier side of the tracks and its much-discussed R rating.

Rentrak figures have Deadpool amassing $260 million worldwide for the weekend, taking in $202 million more than its modest $58 million budget. This helped drop the Kung Fu Panda 3 off of its two-weekend stand atop the domestic market. For the weekend, the animated feature staring Jack Black, Dustin Hoffman and other A-List performers, took in $19.6 million, adding to its total take of $256.1 million since release.

The domestic ratings chart put How To Be Single at No. 3 with a take of $18.7 million, followed by Zoolander 2 ($15.6 million), The Revenant ($6.9 million), Hail Caesar! ($6.5 million), Star Wars: The Force Awakens ($6.1 million), The Choice ($5.2 million), Ride Along 2 ($4.1 million) and The Boy ($2.9 million.)

What doesn’t show up on the charts (sadly) are several promising films that were released over the weekend, but failed to muster big takes at the box office.

Yes, the weekend releases included horror films The Final Project and Cabin Fever, which I can live without in the first place. (Sorry, not my thing.) But it also included Touched With Fire, a drama staring Katie Homes and Luke Kirby, a progressive-political comedy from Michael Moore called Where To Invade Next and a quirky romance featuring Jason Sudeikis and Rebecca Hall, called Touchdown.

Also released, but largely ignored over the weekend, Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong (a romance), Nine Forever (a macabre comedy), Bad Hurt (a family drama) and Glassland, (domestic struggles drama from Ireland.)

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