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Disney Ditches ‘Han Solo’ Directors in Favor of Ron Howard

There’s trouble aboard the Millennium Falcon. The much hyped Star Wars anthology film centering around a young Han Solo isn’t going as smoothly as hoped. News that the flick had lost its directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller crept onto the internet yesterday. Now, however, Ron Howard has stepped in to take the helm.

Phil Lord and Chris Miller had already spent four and a half months directing the Han Solo project. They were reportedly close to 75% of the way finished with principal photography when arguments with screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan came to a head. Disney and Lucasfilm sided with Kasdan and gave the directors the boot.

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The first photo of the cast.

Perhaps the studio saw this coming, because they certainly had a backup director ready to go. Ron Howard, the Oscar-winning director behind A Beautiful Mind, stepped in just two days after the directing duo was fired.

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According to the Hollywood Reporter, Howard will meet with the actors to get everyone on the same page and look over a rough edit before they resume shooting on July 10.

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