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‘Doctor Strange’ Villain Kaecilius Has a Mind for Terror

A good villain can make or break a movie, and thankfully Marvel has had a slew of awesome baddies to square off against the heroes. It’s looking like Doctor Strange will be no exception.

Fans have put together that the character Mads Mikkelsen will be playing is Kaecilius, another sorcerer like Stephen Strange. So how will Kaecilius make a name for himself?

Kaecilius Doctor Strange MovieSpoon.com
Kaecilius is one creepy dude.

IGN did an interview with Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson and asked him how they planned on taking on Kaecilius in light of the big bad Thanos looming on the horizon for the Avengers. If you don’t recall, Thanos is the blue guy we’ve only seen glimpses of so far–he’s likely going to be the next huge villain the Avengers square off against.

“I think there’s some validity to that,” Derrickson said in response to the question. “What you have to do is you have to understand that you’ve got a limited amount of real estate. What can you do with that real estate that keeps them from being two-dimensional?

Kaecilius Doctor Strange MovieSpoon.com
At some point he looks normal.

“In this case, I became very interested in Kaecilius’s point of view and what makes him tick because, in the end, the villains that I have loved in movies, it all comes back to their ideology, what’s their philosophy,” he added.

He went on to describe the fact that Kaecilius will likely have a lot going on in his mind.

“What we do have is a villain who has a very cogent point of view,” Derrickson added. “He’s a man of ideas, and the way he thinks and what he is motivated by has some merit, and it pushes the movie into some moral ambiguities, into some moral questions, that I think is really interesting.”

Kaecilius Doctor Strange MovieSpoon.com
No wonder Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) looks worried.

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It sounds like we have no need to worry about Doctor Strange having a weak villain–Kaecilius sounds more and more threatening by the minute.

Source: IGN.com

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