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Does Leonardo DiCaprio Have Marlon Brando’s Stolen Oscar?

Everybody knows of Leonardo DiCaprio‘s struggle to finally get his one Oscar–so why does he have two statues gracing his house? Apparently, the one he earned for The Revenant isn’t the only one he has. The other appears to have been snatched from Marlon Brando before he died.

Leonardo DiCaprio Marlon Brando Oscar MovieSpoon.com
Leo went years and years struggling to win one of those darn little statues.

Brando passed away in 2004, but his Oscar for Best Actor for the movie On the Waterfront went missing before that. His archivist has stated that it would be “great to get it back,” but up until recently, no news of its location had surfaced.

Now the story goes that Leonardo DiCaprio was gifted the Oscar for his birthday back in 2012. His friends at Red Granite Pictures, the production company behind The Wolf of Wall Street, were the gift givers in question. They supposedly got the Oscar from dealer Ralph DeLuca for about $600,000.

The head of Red Granite himself has a pretty sketchy past, which doesn’t lend to his credibility. The stepson of the Malaysian Prime Minister, Jho Low is currently the subject of a $3 billion embezzlement investigation.

Leonardo DiCaprio Marlon Brando Oscar MovieSpoon.com
Marlon Brando’s Oscar makes two?

The fact that Red Granite’s office is right above DiCaprio’s in a Los Angeles office adds to their connection.

Read more to hear about how Marlon Brando’s Oscar disappeared:

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