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Dude On Dude: ‘Give Captain America A Boyfriend’ Movement Takes Internet By Storm!

Captain America BoyfriendMove over, Peggy Carter. Your tragic love story can’t compete with the fans demanding Captain America to get a boyfriend.

A hashtag on Twitter that read #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend went viral this past week. Clicking the hashtag revealed a slew of images, ranging from innocent gifs of Chris Evans as Steve Rogers to more racy fan art of Captain America getting it on with other male Marvel characters.

Though the images seem all in good fun, the underlying message to Marvel is that fans are very ready for the LGBT community to be included in their films.

The relationship people really seem to be most pulling for is between Captain America and his best friend Bucky Barnes, a.k.a the Winter Soldier, played by actor Sebastian Stan. There’s even been a couple name created for Steve and Bucky (yes, it’s “Stucky”).

Captain America Bucky MovieSpoon.com
The movies speak for themselves.

Chris Evans evaded questions about a homosexual relationship between Cap and Bucky in press interviews. When asked if something could develop between the two characters, Evans replied, “That wouldn’t be so bad. It’s just never been part of my approach to the character. My subtext didn’t involve that dynamic.”

But Evans also admitted he might have encouraged fans’ minds to wander that direction: “Maybe I was just gazing at Sebastian too much.”

Captain America Bucky MovieSpoon.com
Who wouldn’t want to gaze at those faces?

Vanity Fair even picked up on the chemistry between the two friends. After discussing the lackluster kiss between Steve Rogers and Sharon Carter in Captain America: Civil War, the magazine’s review read, “Honestly, there was more juice in Bucky ogling Steve’s bulging bicep as Cap struggled to ground a helicopter using only gumption and sinew.”

Read more to see what Chris Evans had to say about being a gay icon:
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