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Huge Release Weekend Is Upon Us

One of the biggest movie release weekends of the year is upon us with at least 15 big-budget releases set to open February 12. The leader of the pack is Deadpool, the story of a terminally ill special forces operative Wade Wilson, who is turned into a superhero – except that the greatest feature that will concern movie-goers is his wry, deadpan sense of humor.

Ryan Reynolds is reprising the role that he has already played in the 2009 feature X-Man Origins: Wolverine, although in that film Reynolds played Wilson, while Scott Adkins played Deadpool after Wilson had morphed into the superhero.

Also out this weekend will be How To Be Single, an ultra-chick flick that should be among the year’s most talked about comedies. This get-it-while-you-can knee-slapper stars Dakota Johnson, Rebel Wilson, Dan Stevens and Leslie Mann.

Also due out is the Zoolander 2, the off-beat comedy franchise featuring Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller as two rival male models who seem to be stuck with a goldfish pucker as their one famous fashion look. Will Ferrell, Penelope Cruz and Billy Zane are also featured.

Going the other direction is The Final Project, the story of six college students working together on a graduation project, which is to make a documentary about a haunted house – a famous one, at that: The Lafitte Plantation in Vacherie, Louisiana, which is said to be connected to horrors of the Civil War.

Horror fans might also enjoy Cabin Fever. It’s about, well, a flesh-eating virus, of course, that, well, is well sated by the end of the film – after feasting on five teenagers on spring break.

Back to the planet earth: Touched With Fire is a romance drama with a twist. It’s about two poets (played by Katie Homes and Luke Kirby) both of whom have bi-polar disorder and happen to meet in a psychiatric hospital. That’s a good start … but no spoilers here.

Where To Invade Next is the latest Michael Moore comedy in which documentary film maker Moore, known as a “subversive comic” questions which direction the risk of war is headed.

Touchdown is a romantic comedy featuring a bearded Jason Sudeikis and a non-bearded Rebecca Hall.

Prayer Never Fails is legal battle concerning a high school basketball coach fired for leading prayers with his team.

Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong is a romance between a Chinese American toy designer who visits Hong Kong on business and falls in love with ex-patriot, who shows here around the city.

What else this weekend? Nine Forever (macabre comedy), Bad Hurt (a family drama), Providence (Christian romance) and Glassland (domestic drama from Ireland).

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