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‘Justice League’ Still Shows Batman Battling Robots?

What’s going on with Justice League? Is DC following Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron lead and pitting the heroes against robots? Possibly!

Larry Fong, the cinematographer behind Justice League, shared an interesting photo on Twitter. The pic shows an editor hard at work on the new Batman mashup. While it’s cool to see all his gear, the really interesting part is the scene he’s working on.

On the screen in the background, we can see Batman pretty clearly. The giant cape and mask kind of give him away. But the characters closer to the foreground are more mysterious. They appear to be robots of some sort, and Batman appears to be battling them.

Take a look:

CinemaBlend had a few theories about why Batman would be taking on robots. It seems weird considering the villain will be Steppenwolf, who leads a group of parademons rather than robots. So the first idea they had was that this scene is part of a training sequence where Batman dukes it out with metal men in the Batcave.

That theory seems a little unlikely since it doesn’t really match the aesthetic of our previous glimpses of Batman. But the second theory seems more reasonable. It’s possible that there are more threats than just Steppenwolf, and that robots are one of them. Considering this is a Justice League film and there are multiple heroes, it makes sense that there could be multiple foes.

Read more to see the final theory:

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