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Movie Cats! 21 Feisty Felines Pounce into the Spotlight

There’s nothing like a feline friend to provide companionship, entertainment and a good solid hiss at an alien or two. Okay, maybe the last part is just about one of our favorite movie cats.

Cats have been an important part of history for centuries now, so it’s only fitting they’d earn a place on the silver screen alongside the best heroes and villains of the age. Whether they’re completing action scenes, antagonizing new boyfriends or even trying to repair a spaceship, these movie cats put the purr in purrfection.

Here are our top 21 greatest movie cats:

#1. Jones aka “Jonesy”

Alien (1979)

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Though Jones was just around to help control the rodent population, he wasn’t afraid to hiss at that darn alien.

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