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Movie Review: ‘Annabelle: Creation’ Does Decent Doll Horror

Annabelle’s reach apparently stretches to the barn on the property as well when the demon infests a scarecrow that goes on the offensive. This leads to one of the film’s silliest moments when the demon traps a girl in the barn and forces her into the darkness by unscrewing lightbulbs, as the girl frantically sets up a ladder and screws the bulbs back in. I’m sure there’s a joke in here somewhere about how many slasher victims it takes to screw in a lightbulb.

In light of recent horror giants The Babadook and It Comes at Night, films that actually got under your skin with real frights, Annabelle: Creation is not exactly a horror film and more of a ride where any scream you might muster comes with laughter. The child actors are plucky enough to be a little wiser than most horror movie victims and the visuals are rather stellar for a demon that resides in the shadows awaiting the perfect shot. The few kills are pretty unique with snapped off fingers and bodies ripped in half.


I enjoyed it as a sort of silly romp that dances around the creepy doll genre with more thrills than creeps. I even appreciated how the film messed with it’s own full-circle lore by introducing a second Annabelle doll that resembles the real-life version of the legend in the form of a Raggedy Anne doll. I’m a little ashamed that I had a twinge of excitement for the possibility of an Annabelle versus Annabelle movie. Is that too much? As long as it’s entertaining, I’d say anything goes in the Conjuring cinematic universe.

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