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Movie Review: ‘Band Aid’ Is a Warm Melody of Dramedy

Naturally, for a movie with bohemians, pot smoking and music, there’s a hipster vibe so present that it’s not the least bit shocking that Fred Armisen appears. He pops up from time to time as the drummer for the couple, weirding them out with his talk of onesies, hot cocoa tuesdays and cuddle parties. He’s present almost as a hipster repellent for the couple, showcasing how crazy they could become if they venture too far down the rabbit hole. Armisen only occupies their space just enough to keep them semi-grounded, refusing to become any more involved as he despises conflict. I can’t blame him considering how abruptly a marriage counselor ditches them.


Much like the couple, Band Aid doesn’t quite find the sweet spot for making its characters take off, but the admirable attempt to find it makes this a pleasing light romantic comedy. There’s a reason to like this couple, sympathize with their plight and admire their desire to create music.

Whether it will work out for them in the end is left somewhat ambiguous as there are still plenty of wrinkles left to iron out. But in those moments when they find themselves writing and singing together, there’s a certain magic of when two people become one. Music won’t heal all wounds, but it can at least put to rest some pointless squabbles and maybe create something beautiful from them.

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