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Movie Review: ‘The Boss Baby’ is a Mess in Need of Changing

The Boss Baby is far from being the boss of laughs! Read our movie review here:

The Boss Baby is the type of concept that seems better suited to an animated short or a series of shorts in the vain of Looney Tunes. The titular character of a baby in a business suit with all the mannerisms and physical behaviors of a powerful executive can be funny, but for how long? When trying to conceive an entire movie around this premise, its times like these I’m thankful the characters of Pepe Le Pew and the Roadrunner were never given their own movies.

The Boss Baby Movie Review MovieSpoon.com
Babies in suits can only go so far.

Now try to see if you can keep up with this concept, because it’s a doozy of a complicated premise for what essentially amounts to baby jokes. In another realm of reality, babies are created and divided into two groups. If a baby is ticklish, they are assigned to a family on Earth. If a baby is not ticklish, they are assigned a role in management for BabyCo, a corporation in the long-term business of keeping babies the cutest thing on Earth. The crucial decision in deciding the lifetime for babies is made by a machine in a land of clouds. Who is controlling this machine? I don’t know. Probably the same people who made the baby-making machine in 2016’s Storks.

Management babies are only allowed down to Earth when given a field assignment. Boss Baby (Alec Baldwin) is assigned the task of infiltrating PuppyCo, which is apparently a real corporation on Earth, and uncovering their secret for making the never-aging puppy. BabyCo fears this will crush the cuteness factor of babies and the demand will slip.

Boss Baby’s mission, however, is nearly compromised by his assigned brother Tim (Miles Bakshi) who discovers management babies can speak perfect English when adults are not listening. Angered by this new baby taking all the attention away from him, Tim agrees to team up with the intelligent infant on the agreement that the success of the mission will result in Boss Baby being sent back to management with the family having their mind wiped of his presence.

The Boss Baby Movie Review MovieSpoon.com
Nothing but trouble!

This is a very elaborate setup and there are still plenty of holes to this concept. If there is a secret order of babies, why isn’t there a secret order of dogs? If a puppy was created that would never die, wouldn’t this cause a severe drop in demand for dogs rather than a surge in sales? Is this entire plot of an evil puppy corporation a reality or a product of Tim’s overactive imagination, as it’s implied at many points that it very well could be in his head? I’ll spare you the topic of BabyCo’s top-secret baby formula that keeps management babies intelligent and ageless.

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Outside of this complicated mess of a plot, there is a character dynamic that could have made this work. Tim’s hatred for Boss Baby’s attention-hogging ways is a very real emotion that could have been paired well with the insistence of the baby calling “meetings” in the middle of the night. Tim’s playful imagination established early on could have made a great parallel for trying to deal with his brother. But the movie never becomes this deep or unique with such a concept and would rather favor a manic onslaught of slapstick and slipped-in adult humor. I can only assume we’re supposed to forget about the story somewhere between Boss Baby demanding sushi and farting with a butt full of baby powder.

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