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Movie Review: ‘Going in Style’ Steals More Laughs than Substance

The good news is that the stellar leads compensate for most of these qualms. They have such an ease of chemistry and loveable nature that they transcend this material, doing their best to distract me from the movie’s flawed writing. The laughs come fast and frequent enough that there’s enough of a smile on my face to carry me through the sluggish third act that slogs through the specifics of these guys getting away with the money.

I didn’t care if they got away with the money, if Caine would keep his house, if Arkin would get married or if Freeman would see his granddaughter again. But I did care about these actors to see if they could make this film work. And, to my great surprise, they manage to hold up this rickety premise with their charisma alone.


The movie ends on a hopeful note where the three characters converse about living longer than they once previously thought. I hope the actors live on as well to find more fitting roles for their talents. They can hold this type of soft comedy together on their acting, but they shouldn’t have to carry the bulk of a picture to make up for its ho-hum script. I know these guys are capable of finding more wit and charm outside of simple bits about smoking weed and arguing over reality television, amusing as these bits may be. They deserve a much better movie and I hope they don’t have to rob a bank to find one.

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