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Movie Review: ‘The Girl on the Train’ is a Lifetime-style Train Wreck

The Girl on the Train is based on a groundbreaking novel. Does the movie live up to the hype? Read our movie review to find out:

The Girl on the Train holds itself to a standard of typical mysteries that become more focused on the twisty plot than the characters. Oh, how I wish this mystery were strong enough to distract me from the drab and ugly world these characters occupy.

The Girl on the Train Movie Review MovieSpoon.com
Emily Blunt has a case of the blahs.

This is a world in which women spend most of their time drinking and thinking forlornly about how much their lives suck, be it out of terrible relationships, infant mortality or boredom. All the men in their lives are either cheaters, abusers or murderers. Even the cops appear cynical and distant when handling the mystery. There is nobody to root for in this drab picture, no message to take away and no pot of gold at the end of its monochrome rainbow. I found myself hoping the train of the movie would derail and bring about an explosion if only to see some color and wake these characters from their dreary comas.

Our lead is supposed to be Rachel, a drunken divorced woman played with a cherry nose by Emily Blunt. With no job and no future goals, she wastes away her days on a train. While on the train, she passes by several houses, staring at their occupants as she envies their lives. The train happens to pass by the house of her ex-husband who has now remarried and has a child. Feeling terrible for herself, she drinks on the train, goes out to drink some more and then drinks at home. At some point in the past she breaks into the house of her ex to hold his child, though she comically reasons it wasn’t breaking and entering based on the door being open. She also makes the pathetic excuse that all she wanted to do was hold the baby, as if that somehow excuses her wandering into the house and taking the baby out of it.

Since there doesn’t appear to be anything else going on in her life at the moment, she starts snooping around when a woman she sees everyday from the train is having an affair with another man. This sight compels her to disembark from the train, follow this woman she only knows from a distance and call her a whore before blacking out. She awakes in her apartment the next morning, stained with blood, only to discover that woman she called a whore is now missing.

The Girl on the Train Movie Review MovieSpoon.com
Luke Evans is Megan’s nasty husband.

This sets up a mystery of Rachel trying to clear her name from an incident she doesn’t fully remember. But it’s not much of a mystery as it is a convoluted soap opera. The cheating woman Rachel calls out is Megan (Haley Bennett), the former nanny of her ex-husband Tom (Justin Theroux) and his wife Anna (Rebecca Ferguson). Megan found herself hating her job because she dislikes babies. Her husband Scott (Luke Evans) abuses her and tries to force a baby into their relationship. Megan also sees a therapist (Edgar Ramirez) that she cheats on Scott with. We also discover Megan is pregnant. Who is the father? Who killed her? What happened to Rachel that night?

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