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Star Wars Swashbuckler ‘Rogue One’ Blasts into Earnings Top Spot

No surprise which movie blasted its way to the top of the revenue lists over the weekend. Despite the publicity push for the Oscar-bound Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling musical La La Land, U.S. audiences went in droves to see the latest Star Wars swashbuckler Rogue One, the well-reviewed eighth movie in the series begun by George Lucas in 1977.

Called a sci-fi opera, the Star Wars franchise is more accurately a sci-fi soap opera. It began as a cowboys versus Indians epic comedy set in the deep reaches of space – a galaxy far, far away. It has since turned into one of the movie industry’s most bankable franchises. Even the bombs fill theaters and Rogue One is no bomb.

Rogue One Box Office MovieSpoon.com
Felicity Jones plays Jyn Erso in ‘Rogue One.’

It is a tense, taut sci-fi thriller in which all things Star Wars are honored (the so-called “universe”), but it is vulnerable human beings who are put at risk. The end result earned an 84 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes – down from an initial RT score of 94 percent. Just tie me to a post; who are those nay-sayers, anyway? Personally, I went to see the film twice.

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Many others did the same and Rogue One earned $155.1 million in domestic theaters and $290.5 million worldwide. This left the Top 10 list for U.S. offerings with Moana (95 percent on Rotten Tomatoes) earning $12.8 million, followed by Office Christmas Party (RT score of 43 percent) earning $8.6 million, Collateral Beauty (14 percent) earning $7.2 million, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (74 percent) earning $5.1 million, Manchester by the Sea (97 percent) earning $4.3 million, La La Land (94 percent) earning $4.2 million, Arrival (94 percent) earning $3 million, Doctor Strange (90 percent) earning $2.3 million and Nocturnal Animals (71 percent) earning $1.5 million.

Rogue One Box Office MovieSpoon.com Moana
‘Moana’ came in second at the box office.

Worldwide screenings look a little different. At No. 2 worldwide is The Great Wall, starring Matt Damon that is months away from its U.S. release. No. 3 worldwide was Moana, earning $27.1 million around the globe, followed by a few familiar faces. Hacksaw Ridge, the Mel Gibson war story, is perched at No. 7 worldwide (earning $9.1 million), The Wasted Times landed at No. 8 with $9.1 million in earnings, while Pandora sits at No. 10, earning $7.6 million. The Wasted Times is a Chinese release, a thriller, while Pandora, concerning a nuclear power plant explosion, is Korean-made.

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