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Review: ‘The Legend of Tarzan’ Swings Low, But Roars Well

The Legend of Tarzan MovieSpoon.com

In 1999, Disney perfected the adventure and fun of Tarzan by transitioning from the man of the jungle from swinging on vines to surfing tree branches. What could possibly be accomplished from live-action adaptation The Legend of Tarzan that wasn’t already delivered in animation? While director David Yates doesn’t exactly make Tarzan’s tree hopping all that original, he does delivers a …

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Trailer: Alexander Skarsgard Soars in ‘The Legend of Tarzan’

Legend of Tarzan Alexander Skarsgard

Release date: July 1, 2016 Studio: Warner Bros. Pictures Director: David Yates MPAA Rating: N/A Starring: Alexander Skarsgard, Margot Robbie, Samuel L. Jackson, Christoph Waltz, Djimon Hounsou It has been years since the man once known as Tarzan (Skarsgård) left the jungles of Africa behind for a gentrified life as John Clayton III, Lord Greystoke, with his beloved wife, Jane …

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