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Watch: 8 Trailers From 2015 Oscar-Nominated Best Picture Category


If you’re like a lot of people, you probably haven’t seen all the movies nominated for Oscars, let alone even the nominees for Best Picture. And while some of you might rush out and see a film after it’s one an Oscar, a lot of us might pick the film that we think should have won or of one of …

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Watch: Is American Sniper A “Psychopath Patriot” or Hero?

AMERICAN-SNIPER-Bradley Cooper Plane Movie+Spoon

American Sniper, the gulf war drama starring Bradley Cooper, has continued to spark divisive debate within the media as the right has lauded Chris Kyle as a true American hero and the left accuses the filmmakers of glorifying a war that should have never happened. Matt Taibbi from Rolling Stone pointed out that a lot of other commentators, comparing Kyle’s book (where he …

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‘American Sniper’ Grabs Top Box Spot; Sets January Record


“American Sniper” is nominated for six, count ’em six Academy Awards. But you don’t need to tell director Clint Eastwood. The gulf war drama is the top box office draw and garnered a record $90.2 million in box office receipts, a new January record, eclipsing the $68.5 record set by “Avatar.” The film is went into the weekend after the Thursday …

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