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The 29 Steamiest Bikini Movie Moments of All Time – #23 is a Shocker!

What’s our favorite article of clothing? Bikinis, of course! They’re perfect for hot weather, they’re great for pool days and–oh yeah–they look pretty darn sexy, especially in the steamiest bikini movie moments of all time. Some of our favorite movie moments have revolved around the tiniest of swimsuits, so we’ve compiled a list of the hottest babes on the big …

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Is Angelina Jolie Divorcing Brad Pitt Because He’s a Massive Pot Smoker?

Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie Divorce Pott MovieSpoon.com

It turns out Mr. and Mrs. Perfect aren’t so perfect after all. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are officially splitting up, and apparently it has to do with the fact that Pitt’s a massive pothead. To be honest, we never really liked them together. We were majorly on team Jennifer Aniston when Pitt let her for Jolie because Jolie seemed …

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Puppies, Beware! Emma Stone Set To Play Cruella De Vil In Live-Action Origin Story

Emma Stone Cruella MovieSpoon.com

Let’s hope Emma Stone doesn’t have any puppies on the loose in her neighborhood. Disney officially announced that the Birdman actress will be taking on the role of puppy-hunting villain Cruella de Vil in the new live action spin-off of 101 Dalmatians. Naturally, the 27-year-old actress will be playing a younger version of Cruella than has previously been seen. Glenn Close previously played …

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Angelina Jolie To Miss ‘Unbroken’ Premiere Due to Chicken Pox

This is a lot better than saying the dog ate your homework. Angelina Jolie must feel like a kid again…in a bad way. While most of us got the chicken pox back in second grade, it looks like the Unbroken director has a come down with minor case of chicken pox. Unfortunatly, that means she will miss the premiere of her recent …

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