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Chevy Chase Heads to Rehab for ‘Tune-Up’–Will His Career Be Affected?

Chevy Chase Rehab MovieSpoon.com

Comedian Chevy Chase has had a stellar career, but success doesn’t always come easy. Chase has just checked into rehab at Hazelden Addiction Treatment Center in Minnesota, which is the same place that Robin Williams received treatment in 2014. His representative stated that the 72-year-old actor is just going in for a “tune-up” and that Chase “wants to be the …

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Review: ‘Ghostbusters’ is All Female, All Nostalgic and All Cliché

Ghostbusters Review MovieSpoon.com

The first Ghostbusters movie in nearly three decades arrived with much nostalgia to bank on. Leading up to the premiere of the movie, my social media feed was all abuzz of my peers gushing over the return of the Ecto Cooler promotional drink and slime-colored Twinkies. These attempts at generating hype for the grand return of Ghostbusters were beginning to …

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‘Ghostbusters’ Reboot Has Most Hated Trailer In History

Ghostbusters Trailer MovieSpoon.com

YouTube voters have spoken, and the Ghostbusters trailer is officially the worst thing ever. Well, the most disliked movie trailer on YouTube, anyway. Not only is it the most disliked trailer, as measure by the “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” options viewers can select, is also the only trailer to make it into the top-100 most disliked YouTube videos. Currently, the trailer …

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Review: ‘The Jungle Book’ Is A Visually Stunning New Classic

The Jungle Book Mowgli Baloo MovieSpoon.com

Disney’s live-action stabs at rebooting their properties are usually hit or miss, but Jon Favreau’s The Jungle Book is a home run. Similar to 2015’s Cinderella, this latest interpretation of Rudyard Kipling’s iconic novel series respects both the source material and the more familiar Disney animated movie. Wonderfully nostalgic yet uniquely distinct, there’s an unmistakable magic in this flawless adventure picture …

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Jon Favreau Takes On Rudyard Kiplings’ “The Jungle Book”

The Jungle Book

Director Jon Favreau‘s next work is being billed as a live-action musical adventure fantasy. That’s a lot of categorical labeling, but it might all fit. Favreau is directing a star-studded version of Rudyard Kipling‘s classic The Jungle Book, which will be released by Walt Disney Studios in April, 2016. The story of Mogli, the Indian boy raised by a family …

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