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‘Man Up’: Pegg And Bell Heat Up Theaters In A Dorky Romance

Man Up

This year’s sleeper, no pun intended, turns out to be the British romantic comedy Man Up, which Variety called a pleasant trip down memory lane — at least for those waiting for a follow up to the second “Bridget Jones” film. I’m not particularly champing at the bit waiting for the third “Bridget Jones” comedy. I was hoping for better …

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Trailer: Wahlberg And Ferrell Pair Up In “Daddy’s Home”

Daddy's Home

After you’ve opened you Christmas presents this year (and gone off to watch the Dec. 25 release of Joy, featuring Jennifer Lawrence), you might have a little holiday spirit left over to check out the new Will Ferrell comedy Daddy’s Home, which pairs Ferrell once again with co-star Mark Wahlberg. Of course, pairing might not be the operative word here, …

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Trailer For Coen Brothers Comedy “Hail, Caesar!” Is Out

Hail, Caesar!

What was wrong with the golden era of Hollywood, back in the day of powerful, big lot studios, making films with mega-stars, full orchestras and a cast of thousands? You might direct that question to Eddie Mannix, the go-to problem solver for a big time studio back in the day and the central character in the up-coming Ethan and Joel …

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“Lost In Hong Kong” Sets Pace For Chinese Comedy

Lost in Hong Kong

It’s safe to say that the number 1 grossing film for the weekend, Lost in Hong Kong, took most westerners by surprise. The film didn’t even make the top listings for U.S. theaters, but dominated the global rankings with a scorching worldwide box office take of over $100 million, which topped Everest, which took in $96 million worldwide and Hotel …

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Trailer: Bullock Praised In Early Reviews Of “Our Brand Is Crisis”

Our Brand Is Crisis

A lot of the movie buzz this week comes from the Toronto International Film Festival, which opened Sept. 10 and runs thorugh Sept. 20. Among the talked-about features is Our Brand Is Crisis, which features two Academy Award winners, Sandra Bullock and Billy Bob Thorton. The film is a fictionalized account of a documentary by Rachel Boynton of the same …

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Biggest Bombs Of 2015: In The Category Of Ack!


The pace was set for duds at the Cinema in late January with the release of the Andy and Laura Wachowski’s bomb Jupiter Ascending, which quickly proved itself a theatrical black hole, losing about $100 million by some estimates, despite the point that the competition just after Christmas is all but nonexistent. The film, made by the folks who brought …

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Trailer: Kate Winslet As ‘The Dressmaker’ – Opens Oct. 29

The Dressmaker

Academy Award winner Kate Winslet stars in “The Dressmaker” as she takes on the dramatic role of Myrtle “Tilly” Dunnage, a woman who returns to her backwater home in Australia during World War II to look after a 17-year old niece who is having a delusional affair with an American soldier. As the tag-line says, gossip and scandal are back …

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Man From U.N.C.L.E — A Retro Spy Comedy Of Manners (That Works)

Man from UNCLE

The Man From U.N.C.L.E. had me nervous for few reasons. First, it could be a departure from the television series that was completely character based. It was a show in which you liked Robert Vaughn as the American James Bond imitation Napoleon Solo, even though he was stiff and had a nose-in-the-air accent, or you didn’t. The same went for …

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