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Stan Lee Skips Big Apple Comic-Con for Health Reasons

Stan Lee Big Apple Comic-Con

Does it even count as Comic-Con if Stan Lee isn’t there? The Marvel big shot didn’t end up attending the Big Apple Comic-Con this past weekend. Sure, it wasn’t the massive San Diego Comic-Con he had to bail on, but east coast fans are no doubt mourning the fact that Lee couldn’t make it. It’s especially worrisome that he had to …

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Brie Larson Has the Best Response to ‘Captain Marvel’ Haters

Brie Larson Captain Marvel MovieSpoon.com

With any movie that came in novel or comic form before being turned into a film, it can be impossible for an actor to meet everyone’s expectations for the main character. What readers pictured in their imaginations will all be different from one another. Brie Larson knew that getting cast as Captain Marvel in the upcoming film of the same name …

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Comic-Con’s 9 Coolest & Weirdest Moments: Captain Marvel to Thor’s ‘Me Time’

Comic-Con MovieSpoon.com Thor Captain Marvel Wonder Woman

Another year of San Diego Comic-Con has come and gone, and we’re left with a whole lot of excitement for the upcoming movie season. Marvel‘s return to the convention was an obvious highlight, while D.C. Comics also had some interesting reveals. Some insanely cool cosplayers also left an impact, and the Snowden movie giveaway had us scratching our heads. Here are the …

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‘Doctor Strange,’ ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy 2’ CONFIRMED For Comic-Con 2016

Doctor Strange Comic-Con MovieSpoon.com

After a one-year hiatus from the madness that is San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel will be making a return to the biggest hype-fest in the nation. With a whole host of Marvel films on the horizon, from Thor: Ragnarok to the distant Captain Marvel feature, who knows what movies the Marvel panel will focus on? Scott Derrickson, director of Doctor Strange, does! Derrickson posted a …

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