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‘The Emoji Movie’ Is Hilariously Tanking with the Critics

The Emoji Movie MovieSpoon.com

Sometimes a movie is so bad, we can’t help but giggle deviously. Why? Because chances are we are sitting on a big fat “I told you so.” That’s definitely the case with The Emoji Movie. Seriously, who thought it was a good idea? If you live in a city where movies are all the rage, chances are you’ve seen those awful …

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Sandler, Ferrell, Have Mercy: Retire Soon

sandler ferell movie spoon

The first sign of a slow news day in Critics Corner is that movie reviewers have actually taken the the time to watch and then to write about the new Adam Sandler bomb, Pixels, which came out Thursday to whatever is the opposite of rave reviews. The list of complaints about the film are not quite endless – sexist, dull, …

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