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‘The Divergent Series: Allegiant’ Facing Pessimistic Premiere

With a trend of declining success for young adult movies, The Divergent Series: Allegiant may struggle to make an impact when it opens this week. As the third installment of the four-part Divergent series, the film is already facing off against general fatigue towards the story. The story follows Tris Prior, played by Shailene Woodley, as she fights against a society …

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Finally! Summer Movie Drought Finally Ends With Slew Of Big Releases

Black Mass two

This weekend at the theaters, the catch phrase will be: “Finally, finally!” As in, at long last there are a couple of substantial releases on the docket. This follows the August to September drought, when it is too late for summer blockbusters and too early for Oscar-contending releases. As such, we’ve had to put up with No Escape, Sinister 2, …

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