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The 16 Greatest Movie Villains Will Make You Join the Dark Side

Greatest Movie Villains Darth Vader MovieSpoon.com

As much as everyone likes to cheer on the hero, there are certain movies where you can’t help but feel some sympathy for the baddie. Sometimes, combinations of great writing and acting come together to make the movie villains the star of the show. In fact, villains can be even more memorable than heroes thanks to their dastardly deeds, charisma and …

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Creator John Carpenter Returns For New ‘Halloween’ Installment

Halloween John Carpenter MovieSpoon.com

Halloween is about to get a little bit scarier. Legendary horror producer and director John Carpenter is returning to his roots by agreeing to make a brand spanking new Halloween flick. The new film will be the eleventh in the franchise. The first Halloween film hit theaters in 1978, helping to ring in the dawn of the independent slasher film. The …

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