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Trailer: Melissa McCarthy’s ‘The Boss’ Won’t Beat ‘Spy’

The Boss Melissa McCarthy MovieSpoon.com

Melissa McCarthy stars in the slapstick comedy The Boss, premiering today. Her last lead in a feature was the 2015 hit Spy, which pulled in $110.8 million. Spy received a 94% “fresh” rating on RottenTomatoes.com, however, while so far The Boss has received a dismal 18% “rotten” score. If The Boss falls on its face, McCarthy always has Ghostbusters (premiering July …

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Charlize Theron Expected To Play Lead In Re-worked “The Gray Man”

Charlize Theron

Following the lead of four distinguished actresses – Sigourney Weaver, Angelina Jolie, Jodie Foster and Sandra Bullock – Charlize Theron is reportedly about to sign on to play the lead in the spy thriller The Gray Man, taking a role that was originally designed for a male. Brad Pitt was lined up to take the part, but recent reports say …

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Matt Damon Reveals A Bit More About Bourne No. 5

Matt-Damon-New-Bourne 5 Movie Spoon

It’s no secret that Hollywood lives on sequels. For that matter, so do film actors, who otherwise find it hard to keep a steady job. The sequel providing the buzz this week is the fifth Jason Bourne movie, which will see the return of Matt Damon to the title role after stepping away from the franchise for the fourth film …

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Watch: Last Trailer For James Bond ‘Spectre’ Just Released!


Spectre or the Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion is back and it’s up to James Bond to save the world! That may be good news for audiences, but not so much for Bond, James Bond, the lady-killer spy with the cleft chin, British manners and impeccable suits. You might also remember him as the most famous MI6 operative …

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Man From U.N.C.L.E — A Retro Spy Comedy Of Manners (That Works)

Man from UNCLE

The Man From U.N.C.L.E. had me nervous for few reasons. First, it could be a departure from the television series that was completely character based. It was a show in which you liked Robert Vaughn as the American James Bond imitation Napoleon Solo, even though he was stiff and had a nose-in-the-air accent, or you didn’t. The same went for …

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Box Office Hero: Tom Cruise Is Cruising With “MI: Rogue Nation”

tom cruise mssion impossible rogue nation poster movie spoon

Tom Cruise vehicle Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, burst out of the gate over its opening weekend, clobbering the competition in box off receipts, according to film statistic Web site Rentrak. The high-speed spy thriller was praised by critics and gobbled up by fans with theaters taking in $56 million in the domestic market and $121 million worldwide from Thursday through …

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Nomination For Best Trailer Of The Year: James Bond ‘Spectre’


If the next James Bond thriller, Spectre, due out October 26, is half as good at its trailer, this is one surprising, slick, suspenseful spy film that could even do the near-impossible, which is to top the last James Bond thriller, Skyfall. We are stuck with Daniel Craig as Bond and could do far worse, but the supporting, plot line …

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Who Ya Gonna Call? Sizing Up Ghostbusters’ Directors Paul Feig & Harold Ramis

Ghost_Busters_Movie Spoon

From the world of comedy, director Paul Feig is a decidedly hot commodity these days. He has scored successes with his last three films, Bridesmaids (2011), The Heat (2013) and Spy (2015) with all three blockbusters banking heavily on women in the lead, especially, you could say, of the big-splash arrival of one-woman franchise  Melisa McCarthy. Feig’s next big screen …

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Hungry ‘Jurassic’ Dinos Are Stomping Box Office With New A-Lister Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt Hooked On A Dino Feeling

  Movie news for the weekend of June 13-14 is all about Jurassic World exceeding all expectations at the box office and the possibility that Chris Pratt has really arrived as an A-list movie star, despite his relatively short resume. Be forewarned. The answer to every question posed in this article is “Yes!” with one explanation point otherwise noted. For …

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