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‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Is an Improvised, Crazy Masterpiece

The previous Thor movies were good, but the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok looks like it will blow the other two out of the water. The lighthearted spirit and goofy moments are exactly what the doctor ordered for this series. But how is Marvel explaining the change, especially with Thor himself?

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The hair isn’t the only thing that’s changed.

According to director Taika Waititi, they simply brought more of actor Chris Hemsworth to the role. Here’s what he said:

We actually made Thor closer to Chris in his personality and likeness and who he is. He’s funnier, a lot funnier. A lot more colloquial, because he’s spent time on Earth. Personally, I think he’s the best version of Thor, just quietly, not to take away from the other films, but in order for me to feel comfortable making this film, I wanted to move away from those other films, and make something that was kind of a standalone Thor film, and that you really didn’t need to see the first two to understand this one.

One thing that helped infuse this new personality into Thor: Ragnarok was lots of improvisation. Waititi said about 80 percent of the movie was completely ad-libbed, with the director shouting out ideas from behind the camera.

Thor: Ragnarok MovieSpoon.com
The dream team.

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