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Trailer: ‘David Bowie: The Last Five Years’ Airs on BBC

Almost a year after David Bowie‘s death, a new documentary is going to shed light on what was likely the most challenging time of Bowie’s life. David Bowie: The Last Five Years will take a look at the tragic time leading up to the rock legend’s death.


Directed by Francis Whately, David Bowie: The Last Five Years will lead through the production of Bowie’s final album Blackstar and the production of the music video “Lazarus.” According to video director Johan Renck, it was during the filming of “Lazarus” that Bowie realized he was not going to be able to win his battle with liver cancer.

“I found out later that the week we were shooting is when he found out that it is over,” Renck said. “David said, ‘I just want to make it a simple performance video.’ I immediately said, ‘The song is called Lazarus, you should be in the bed.’ To me it had to do with the biblical aspect of it…it had nothing to do with him being ill.”

Watch the trailer for David Bowie: The Last Five Years here:


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