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Trailer Mashup: Toy Story’s Woody And Buzz Meet Batman v. Superman (You Won’t Want To Miss This!)

Toy Story trailer cut with Batman V. Superman dialog goes viral! 

What if you took a Toy Story trailer, added some special effects (just a touch here and there) and overdubbed with intensely serious dialogue from an entirely different movie?

What you would get would be a very funny Cine-Mash editing spoof (frequently called a mash-up) with old pals Woody and Buzz in all their plasticine, innocent glory, contemplating their conflicts as if the fate of the universe – as opposed to, say, Andy’s bedroom – were at stake.

Cue the on-high choral music that Hollwood uses to tell you the stakes couldn’t be higher and insert some Batman v. Superman lines and you end up with Woody and Buzz way over their heads.

I will say in clear, very intentional English that Pixar could make 50 Toy Story feature films and I would buy all 50, so long as Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Annie Potts, Don Rickles and Randy Newman continued to contribute to the cause. For me, life doesn’t need any more profundity than the ongoing soap opera that is made up of Andy’s childhood toys coming to life.

Did you ever wonder what happened to Sid, the neighbor’s kid who blew up toys with fire crackers? Have you seen Sinister 2? Am I wrong? No resemblance? Oh, c’mon! It’s him. I bet my reputation on it.

Summertime Hollywood news, a bit dated by now, included the most welcome information that Hanks and Allen had signed up to work on Toy Story 4, which is to center on a search for Bo Peep, the character given voice by Annie Potts. In addition, Rickles is interested in reprising his role as the curmudgeonly Mr. Potato Head.

At D23 Expo 2015, animator, director, screen writer John Lasseter said that Pixar had tucked away the franchise after Toy Story 3, which he regarded as the “perfect story completion,” that marked a sublime ending to the project. A fate accompli, as it were. However, Pixar also made “a pinky promise” that it would only resurrect Woody, Buzz and the gang if it had a credible story to make it worth their while.

Well, how very long do you think that kind of promise lasts in Hollywood? Eventually, even I would have come up with a story idea for the Andy Bedroom Conspirators – especially if you paid me to do so.

Finding Bo Peep – sure. Let’s find Bo Peep. Anyone think of looking in the sheep barn? Anyone?

Toy Story 4 has been Pixar Animation President Jim Morris as a romantic comedy. And since we all know Bo Peep as the ageless stunner (given the point that she’s made out plastic), she should be perfect for the material. Now we just need a script. That’s no problem. Let’s just see if Mr. Spell is available. That sounds like a winning combination to me.


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