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Trailer: Wahlberg And Ferrell Pair Up In “Daddy’s Home”

After you’ve opened you Christmas presents this year (and gone off to watch the Dec. 25 release of Joy, featuring Jennifer Lawrence), you might have a little holiday spirit left over to check out the new Will Ferrell comedy Daddy’s Home, which pairs Ferrell once again with co-star Mark Wahlberg.

Of course, pairing might not be the operative word here, given the movie’s focus, which is on the rivalry that develops when step-dad Ferrell’s suburban family life is disrupted by the arrival of his step kids’ real father, played by Wahlberg.

Ferrell, of course, feels most of the heat from this rivalry, as Wahlberg – forget the point that he is a kind of a drifter – is a cool, handsome, motorcycle-riding beefcake next to Ferrell’s starched-shirt executive lifestyle. The kids, of course, take to Wahlberg with little hesitation. He is cool and he’s their real dad, after all. Ferrell, however, tries to out-dad his rival, as he sees himself coming in as second fiddle.

Daddy’s Home (Dad v. Step-Dad) was directed by Sean Anders. It is being distributed by Paramount Pictures. The screenplay was written by Anders, Brian Burns and John Morris. It is set for release on Christmas Day.

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