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Watch: ‘Aloha’ — Hollywood A List In Why Not Hawaii

Aloha is Hollywood A-Listers all the way. Due out May 29, the film features Bradley Cooper in the lead role of Brian Gilcrest, a defense contractor who botched an earlier assignment, but now returns to Hawaii for the launch of a weapons satellite. However, the film concentrates on the back-story, which features Gilcrest trying to find closure with his old flame Tracy Woodside (played by Rachel McAdams), while falling in love with air force pilot Allison Ng (played by Emma Stone).

Directed by been-there-done-that Cameron Crowe, the film has a top-shelf supporting cast that includes Bill Murray, Alec Baldwin and Danny McBride, the perennial off-color sidekick, who has made a career out of capturing each moment by saying just the wrong thing.

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