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Watch: Cobie Smulders Spills the Beans on ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ – Literally

Jimmy Kimmel really pulled one over on us with the help of Cobie Smulders. Though Smulders didn’t seem to be in on the trick, she helped Kimmel make everybody think some major details about Avengers: Infinity War were now out in the open.

On Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, Kimmel gave Cobie Smulders instructions on how to follow through with his nefarious plot, and even though Smulders looks a little skeptical, she goes through with the act. Kimmel presented her with a can of beans, and respectfully asked her to spill them on a sign stating “Avengers: Infinity War.”

Cobie Smulders Avengers Jimmy Kimmel MovieSpoon.com
That smile says it all.

The look on Cobie Smulders’ face as she accepts the challenge is pretty priceless, but she complies, dumping the can of beans across the sign. She even follows through with Kimmel’s request that she look into the camera and say, “That was everything” after doing doing the deed.

Kimmel gets excited and discusses how all the headlines about this whole event will now say, “Cobie Smulders Spills the Beans on Avengers: Infinity War and it was Everything.” Case in point: see our headline to this article. How could we not include something like that when they worked so hard to get us to use that silly “spill the beans” phrase?



Unfortunately, Smulders didn’t actually spill any secrets about the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War, though this scenario does seem to confirm that she’ll at least appear in it. After all, she’s already appeared as agent Maria Hill in the The AvengersAvengers: Age of Ultron and Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

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Her parts have mostly been small, but as an agent of SHIELD and later just a helping hand for Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), she certainly is capable of holding her own.

Cobie Smulders Avengers Jimmy Kimmel MovieSpoon.com
Cobie Smulders isn’t afraid to get a few scrapes.

Of course, the role she’s most known for is Robin Scherbatsky on the hit television series How I Met Your Mother.

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