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Who Is Skurge in ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ & Why Did He Join the Evil Side?

Not only will Thor: Ragnarok have a whole new tone, but it will also be introducing a whole slew of new characters. We’ve got Cate Blanchett’s Hela and Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie. But perhaps the character we still know the least about is Karl Urban’s Skurge.

In the trailers, we can see him clearly standing side by side with the villainous Hela. There’s no mistaking whose side he’s on. But why did he join forces with the goddess of death?

Thor: Ragnarok Skurge Karl Urban MovieSpoon.com
This looks like trouble.

In a recent interview, Karl Urban shed some light on his character’s motivations.

“When we find Skurge, he’s operating the Bifrost because Heimdall is missing in action, and then pretty soon after that Hela shows up,” he said. “Skurge sees the writing on the wall and has to make a decision whether to die or join her, so his instincts of self-preservation take over.”

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He added, “The journey of Skurge is really, ‘Ok, now you made a pact with the devil and it comes with a price.’ That price is constantly upped through the movie and that is his journey.”

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