Why The Internet Needs Jenny Zigrino Nude Photos

The Internet is a strange place. I know, understatement, right? After Jenny Zigrino’s appearance in Bad Santa 2 netizens have been asking, are there any pics of Jenny Zigrino nude? I mean, rumor has it that Jenny Zigrino had a sex scene in Bad Santa 2, right?

Jenny Zigrino Nude?

It seems like every actress on the planet has “leaked” naked photos so why no nude photos of Jenny Zigrino?

Maybe that’s because Zigrino has made her name as comedian and not as a selfie-obsessed exhibitionist. In particular, she has a hilarious role as a security guard in Bad Santa 2.

And when she’s not starring in movies she spends weekends on the road doing standup comedy.

In fact, if you like standup, check out her live show out at the Laugh Factory or at The Comedy Store in Los Angeles.

But we digress. Let’s face it, some beautiful women, comedians in particular,  have famously released nude photos.

I mean, who could forget Jenny McCarthy’s nude photo drop or Chelsea Handler posing nude on PopSugar. Oh, and remember the time Handler strutted down the street topless in her new Netflix show Chelsea?

Bad Santa 2

So while we don’t have any intimate photos of Jenny Zigrino nude, you can still watch her red carpet interview at the premier of Bad Santa 2 below.


By the way, Bad Santa 2 has an amazing cast! In addition to Zigrino, the film stars Billy Bob Thornton, Kathy Bates, Tony Cox, Brett Kelly, Christina Hendricks, Ryan Hansen and Jeff Skowron.

The story picks picks up where Bad Santa left off when Willie (Billy Bob Thornton) teams up once again with his angry little sidekick, Marcus (Tony Cox), to knock off a Chicago charity on Christmas Eve.

We’re not going to spoil this for you but we can guarantee that the security guard (played by Zigrino) plays foil to Willie and Marcus’ plot to pull off yet another epic Christmas heist.

We can’t guarantee any scenes with Jenny Zigrino nude but Bad Santa 2 is Rated R, which means copious amounts of “crude sexual content, language and the occasional graphic nudity!”

Not to mention the fact that Jenny Zigrino has a sex scene with Billy Bob Thornton. Thornton, in the original Bad Santa, had a penchant for “the back door” or to put more directly was a self avowed “ass man.” So the Jenny Zigrino sex scene might leave you wondering, is Jenny Zigrino nude in the scene?

Happy Holidays!

~ MovieSpoon Staff

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