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Young Han Solo Actor Selected: See Who They Picked Here!

As much as we’d like to think Han Solo just came into the world being the bada** he is, chances are certain life events shaped him into the ultimate charming fighter.

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Harrison Ford has some big shoes to fill.

The upcoming film about Solo’s backstory, which is going to be a stand-alone in the Star Wars universe, has the current title of Han Solo: A Star Wars Story. It’s currently in the preproduction phases with directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, the team who directed The Lego Movie.


Miller celebrated Star Wars Day (which falls on May 4th, thus “May the fourth be with you”), by tweeting the first official photo from the production, which happens to be Solo’s blaster gun.

The story is expected to follow Solo’s history prior to his appearance in Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope. Some elements of the plot may be borrowed from the expanded line of Star Wars books and comics, even though they aren’t officially canon.

Just yesterday, the casting of the iconic hero was confirmed.

Read more to see who they picked:

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